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Job Seeker FAQs
Employee FAQs
It depends on your qualifications and job availability. We will do our best to match you with a job as quickly as possible.
We can generally help people with felonies that are over 7 years old or have been finished with parole/probation for 7 years.
Yes. You must have a current valid ID to be placed in a job. Consider getting your ID/driver’s license renewed as soon as possible.

Yes. We conduct an in-office drug screening before placing anyone in any position.

You will only get holiday pay if the company you go to work with pays your holiday pay.
Our job is to speak to employers, employees and to continually look to match people and positions. After your interview, you will only need to call if you need to change information on your application. We will touch base with you depending on availability and schedule. We ask that you DO NOT repeatedly call us to ask if we have work for you.
Please look presentable and practice good personal hygiene. First impressions are very important.
Yes. We have long-lasting professional partnerships with many local businesses and companies. We hire for specific positions, but we also interview and look for opportunities for job seekers in new businesses and through other connections.
We have not found anything that meets your qualifications or there were other more qualified applicants chosen. Your information is on file and you are on our radar. Should anything become available, we will reach out to you.
The pay period runs Sunday through Saturday. Hours are turned in on Tuesday morning, and payroll checks are released on Friday.
Your first check isn’t held. It simply isn’t paid out until the following week to allow time for hour submissions and payroll processing.
You will be paid either by a payroll card or direct deposit to your checking account. You will choose your preference when you are prepared for your new position.
If you have problems with a manager at your job site, please contact your staffing representative and let them know about your experience. This will keep your reputation intact while seeking counseling on handling the situation in a professional and respectful manner. We would like to help you avoid any serious problems.
W-4s are mailed out by January 31 each year. Please make certain the address we have on file for you is correct and updated.
Come by our office and fill out an updated tax form for our records, and we will make those changes for you. We prefer to do this in-office for security reasons. Form updates are not available online.
Yes. You can write a note and send it with the person you want to pick up your check. They must have a new note every week.