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Stand Out From Your Competition With These Skills!

Finding ways to stand out from other candidates is essential.

If you are looking to set yourself apart from the pack, here are 6 skills that will get you in the spotlight quickly, so you can stand out from your competition.

1.) Adaptability-
Change is just inevitable right, we can’t control it, it happens. I mean the pandemic was one extreme example of that and how quickly a situation can change from A-Z fast.
Since change is a big part of many jobs, hiring managers look for adaptability and how well an individual can adapt in a changed or new environment. This can really stand out for you in the interview process, by stating examples, or ways you adapt well to the changing environments. You will have no issue setting yourself apart from the competition by doing so.

2.)Positive Attitude-
Having a positive attitude means being optimistic and cheerful at work, no matter the task, or time. People with a positive attitude are more eager to work, demonstrate self-motivation & interact well with team members, & others around. By being positive it sends an echo effect to the whole team, helping to improve morale and shape the company culture & values! So this is for sure a WIN! After all, no one wants to be around a negative Nancy right? So, stand out and shine with your positivity!

We all have creativity in us, but it is using the creativity in us, that is a score!
The ability to come up with something new, engaging, innovative for work purposes.
Designing, marketing, engineering, planning, brainstorming with colleagues, finding solutions, and the list goes on. Creativity is used with a variety of soft skills, including teamwork, communication & problem-solving. So, dig into that creativity, and use it to benefit where you are.

If you have a willingness to learn, you have a lot. When a company brings in a new employee, they look for someone who can learn quickly and catch on to the process.
Not being stuck in your own ways, but being open to new, and fast to jump on to learning those new things, allows you to reach total productivity in a new environment faster.
You can showcase this trainability in the hiring process. This lets the hiring manager know you can learn what will be necessary to thrive in the workplace quickly, which turns you into a standout employee!

Companies need employees they can count on, so by showing that you are dependable in, doing quality work, meeting deadlines, being punctual to work & meetings, helping others when you have the time, and going above what is required, you show potential employers, employees, and the overall company, that you are a very responsible & reliable team member. This really makes you stand out in the crowd.

This skill is incredibly important for companies since it helps complete tasks more efficiently as a team and also creates an enjoyable work environment.
You have heard the old saying- “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!” – This is very true. One can do little, but with help, one can conquer the world. Teamwork skills are the qualities that allow you to work well with others and include the ability to relate, communicate, and collaborate in reaching goals.

Ways to be a great team member are:
*Helping others with tasks when needed
*Train others on things you excel in
*Participate in meetings & company gatherings
*Always be respectful of everyone’s ideas and opinions
*Go the extra mile when needed

While these are just a few of the skills that can make you stand out in the workplace, they are for certain a win, & an awesome start to shine the light on a successful you!

We are here to help you soar!
-Nichole Adams- Marketing Director/TSP
229-924-0476 Americus
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