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Are you feeling stuck, drained or just bored with your job? Or are you between jobs and searching alone? Maybe you’re ready to shine professionally and want to break out and show them what you’ve got to offer. The goal is to improve so why not start with you, your skills, your time…? You work hard, and you are an important piece of this community. Let us help you change your life for the better. We can offer possibilities for your new future.

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To Applicant

The Application is the first step to professional success. Once you apply with TSP you sign up with a team that cares. The application kicks off the Interview Process where you will meet with a Local Staffing Professional who will review your application with you. We know what employers are looking for and we can help prepare you. We also offer free counseling services and skills testing and training for applicants.


To Employee

Congratulations! Whether it be full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent, you have landed that job through hard work, courage and a willingness to put yourself out there. We are proud of you. Our job is to support you throughout your placement to make sure you are doing well in your position and making certain it is a good match for both you and your employer. We work with you on necessary human resource protocols and payroll processing. We’re your team!

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Working with The Staffing People It's more than just an online application.

“We value our employees by treating them well, being on their side, and caring about their success. We recognize that each person’s individual success lends to the overall success of the community.”

The Staffing People, Inc is a locally owned staffing company working to aid the community in matching qualified job seekers employers seeking temporary or permanent employees both full-time and part-time.

Over the past 18 years, TSP has worked with over 200 businesses and put over 6000 applicants to work in the Albany, Americus, Leesburg and Cordele areas. Our goal is to match you to a position that supports your skill set, your budget requirements and your lifestyle. You are not in it alone. Read more about us.

Six Steps to Employment Start with the First Step

You can either apply online or schedule an appointment to fill out an application in one of our convenient offices. The application process is followed with an in-office interview to evaluate your skills, experience and goals so that we can place you in a position that is a good fit for your individualized skill set and personal preferences.

Interviews are by appointment only. This allows us to be present and mindful while assisting each Job Seeker and Employer. Telephone interviews may be used as well in the initial phases. During the interview TSP works with Applicants to review resumes and prepare you to be presented to employers. TSP may performed required skills testing at this point in the process.

Your success is our goal. We offer many programs and testing services to prepare you to be presented to employers including:

  • Safety Training
  • Skills Testing
  • Resume Counseling
  • GED Assistance

TSP conducts the following as required:

  • Criminal background check
  • MVR Verifications
  • On-Site Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Social Security Verifications
  • and Reference Checks.
TSP has developed a network of employers, businesses and organizations for the past thirteen years. To date we have worked with over 150 businesses and put over 3000 applicants to work in the Albany, Americus, Leesburg and Cordele areas. We will make every effort to match you to a position that supports your skills set. After the required testing, TSP will provide you with the job description, location and times to report as well as any suggestions and/or information that is relevant to the position.
Once you are placed in a position you will need to complete the necessary paperwork including Employee Handbook, New Hire Paperwork, Driver’s License and Social Security Card or Birth Certificate, Direct Deposit Set-Up, and Payroll Schedule.