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Interviews – What NOT To Do

Interviews – What NOT To Do

Be late

You are not on your time. You are on the employer’s time. Employers have set up specific times for interviews. They take time out of their busy days, so you should arrive on time and give them your undivided attention. First impressions go a long way.

Come unprepared

Be ready. Think of 2 or 3 questions you may have, look over common interview questions and get familiar with the answers you will say. When you are prepared, your nerves will be more at ease. There is no such thing as being over prepared.

Interrupt the interviewer

By all means, do not interrupt the interviewer. Keep good posture, smile, nod, and stay tuned in. Soak in all that they are saying, so when it is time for you to ask questions, you don’t mistakenly ask one that’s already been answered. Be patient and pay attention.

Fidgeting with unnecessary objects

It is important that during an interview, you give your full focus. If you are the type who must have their hands on something, try sitting on them to avoid distractions.

Poor body language

Having good posture, eye contact, full attention, and staying alert are all good qualities you should express during an interview. Poor body language puts off a bad vibe and makes it hard to keep focus. Remember, first impressions are important and having correct body language helps you create the first impression you want to employers to see,

Unclear answering / rambling

Interviews are on a time slot basis. It is important to know what your response will be to each question. Be concise and short with your answers. Rambling on during an interview could cause the employer to lose interest. Make sure your answers are clear and don’t sugar coat them. Be honest and to the point.

Dressing inappropriately

You want to keep focus on the conversation. You don’t want to become distracted by an uncomfortable garment. Make yourself presentable. It shows organization and cleanliness. You want to leave a positive, professional memory with the employer. How you dress is directly associated with your first impression.

Trash talking previous employer

You will often be asked if you had any work conflict or why you left your previous employer. It is important that you do not bash them in a negative light. Trash talking a previous employer, no matter how badly you dislike them, shows you being unprofessional. You want to keep your demeanor professional.

Leave your cell phone on

Do not under any circumstances leave your phone on. It is smart to leave it in your vehicle so no possible distractions occur. The employer will often be dissatisfied and unimpressed if your phone goes off. Your phone ringing could make the interview lose focus, set a bad tone, and leave an awkwardness in the air.

For your interview, be prepared so your nerves are calm, dress respectfully, keep thing professional, and you are sure to leave a positive first impression.