Ouspecialty is human resources

Focusing on what you do best is an integral part of your short and long term success. Let us focus on the other “stuff.”

Our goal is to provide comprehensive employment services that allow you to focus on your business goals, just as we focus on ours – Human Resource and Staffing. Companies can pay 35% to 60% extra per payroll dollar for benefits and taxes per employee. Let TSP assume the responsibility as the legal employer and save you time and money allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

With today’s ever-changing human resources environment, increased governmental regulations, and the intensity of running a business day to day, consider TSP an extension of your in-house Human Resources. We enable you to concentrate on long-term success with more time for workforce retention and employee development. We can provide options to save your company both time and money while providing peace of mind.

Our Services Hiring great talent starts here.

While you focus on running your business, we will take care of your workforce needs. We offer the following Staffing Solutions:

  • Recruitment & Headhunting
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Long Term Staffing
  • Temporary to Permanent Staffing
  • Direct Hire Options
Screening Candidates can be a time-consuming all encompassing task. TSP can streamline the process and present you with only those candidates that meet your qualifications, requested experience, and other legal requirements. We offer the following services for Candidate Screening:

  • Preliminary Interviews
  • Skills Testing
  • Criminal Background Reports
  • MVR Verifications
  • Reference Checks
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening (on-site)
  • SS Number Verification
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible candidate. We offer testing and training services to screen potential employees on their job related skills. We also offer professional training and consulting services to assist candidates in the their professional evolution, including:

  • Safety Training
  • Skills Testing
  • Resume Consulting
  • GED Assistance
  • And More…
Our Payroll Services allows simplification for your company. You approve the number of hours worked, and we will take care of the accounting, taxes, reporting, garnishments, child support, workers comp, and more.

W-2 and W-4 Processing
We take care of all responsibilities connected to the proper filling out and submission of employee W-2 and W-4 forms.

Tax Reporting and Quarterly Reports
We can ensure accurate and on time tax reporting. We assist with:

  • 941 and Schedule B Reporting/Federal Withholding
  • City, State and School District Withholdings
  • SUTA Tax and Wage Reports
  • FUTA Tax and Wage Reports

Payroll Taxes
Employers pay 8-15% of each employee’s gross pay on top of payroll expenses. By giving TSP the responsibility of the payroll taxes you can simplify your budgeting and accounting processes.

Ask your human resources department how much valuable time is spent handling the governmental paperwork associated with garnishments and child support claims. The answer will surprise you. TSP takes care of verifications, paperwork, and communications as well as properly deducting garnishments when required by law.

We offer Human Resource Services as well to further support you and your employees.

Unemployment Insurance
As the official employer on record, TSP assumes liability for federal income and unemployment taxes and payment of those taxes based on our rate. We guarantee complete compliance with all federal and state tax laws.

Workers Compensation and Associated Claims
On the job Injuries are an unfortunate reality, but we can guide you in legally and financially preparing for them proactively. We keep our employees in full compliance with all governmental regulations and reporting requirements, minimizing your exposure to liability.

Employee Benefits
We offer a base $10,000 life insurance policy for interested employees at no cost to the employee. An employee may elect to purchase additional coverage. We also have health insurance options which meet the requirements of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

I-9 Compliance and eVerify
We can assist you in complying with Form I-9 requirements and using the E-Verify program, to help avoid immigration violations.

Liability Insurance
Screened Specifically for your Needs.

Affordable Care Act Options
Companies with 50+ employees are required by law to provide insurance for employees. We can provide options to help your budget deal with these requirements with shared part-time statuses.

We have a straight forward process streamlined to save you time and money:

1. Consultation
TSP offers a complimentary consultation to review your needs and options. We are not high pressure sales people. We simply offer services we have found valuable in the surrounding area.

2. Define the Job Description
We can help you to define your open position. This allows us to match you with employees from our pool or recruit to find the best employee for you.

3. Job Site Visit
We would like to be your partner in human resources. We will tour your facility to visually lay eyes on the space, the type of work they will be completing, and job expectations.

4. Company Screening
We only work with companies that have fair wage practices, uphold fair labor standards, and implement safety practices. We screen each employer for these standards and provide consultation to help the employer improve practices and conform to regulations.

5. Placement
We can fill most positions within 24-72 hours. We know that personalities and lifestyles matter, so we make every attempt to truly match a job seeker with an employer. We won’t send you sub-standard employees.

We offer a Personal Touch. You will always be able to speak with someone directly.

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Professional Local Partnership Partners in Building the Success of Our Community

We consider you a partner. Your success is our success. We offer a high level of attention, affordable rates, and service agreements with no minimum work requirements. While other staffing companies and employment administrators may require a one to two year contract, we work to retain your business every day by being the best at what we do. TSP recruits and employs a wide-range of people with various skills, backgrounds, and professional goals. Skilled and Professional Placements are our specialty.

Options for the Affordable Healthcare Act

We can help you navigate insurance requirements with labor share and long-term staffing options.