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Answering Tough Interview Questions

Answering Tough Interview Questions

We’ve all been told how important first impressions are and that has always stood true. It is important to display who you are in your interview and the best way to do that is to be prepared. How well your interview goes matters a great deal.  Interview questions can be hard to answer, but with these tips you should feel more than ready to tackle your next interview.

Why should I hire you?

This question is either looked upon as a no-brainer or as one of the toughest possible to answer. Why do employers ask this? They ask this because they’re looking to see if you have what it takes to show them that you truly know what it takes to be an appropriate fit for the position. Set yourself apart. To do this, highlight a unique trait that you posses that will positively contribute to the position for which you are interviewing for. This question is bound to come up and confidence is key. Practice makes perfect. Find a friend and practice your response to the interview question. Be prepared, have confidence, and crush it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

You probably wonder why this question gets asked. In all honestly, they’re trying to see if you’re looking for a career rather than just a job. They’re analyzing whether your goals coordinate with the company’s goals and whether or not your goals are attainable in the future. Have a plan. Let the interviewers see that you’ve put thought into the future. Have realistic goals with plans of action. Being goal – driven is a must. Don’t anticipate moving up in the ladder. Show them your willingness to work on your personal and professional development. The interviewer wants to know how the job fits into your long term plans. Be ready, show that you are driven.

Have you ever been involved in a workplace conflict/how was it resolved?

Number one rule: Don’t say you’ve never had conflict at work. That for one is simply not true no matter the profession. Don’t blame the situation on the coworker you are speaking about. Instead, explain the resolution of the conflict that best satisfied all parties. If you reach the midpoint of your story and realize you just made yourself look bad, continue with the story. When it’s over, explain what you learned from the situation. Always state how your relationship with the coworker changed after the conflict. Know when to include your supervisor, don’t bash your coworker, and most of all just be upfront and truthful.

What do you do for fun?

There is no one reason this question is asked. There is also no wrong answer. Interviewers are analyzing if you will fit into the company culture and atmosphere. It is known that certain personalities work best for a variety of companies. It is in the interviewers best interest to find someone to join the team easily. There is no specific way to answer this question. If you have numerous interests, focus on a few you enjoy the most. If any of your hobbies have involved awards, mention them. Show enthusiasm and keep it simple.

Interview questions can seem strenuous making it hard for you to perform at your best during an interview. Take these tips and apply them to any further interviews. Be sure to address your self confidence, your game plan, your ability to resolve conflict, and your personality. Be authentic and honest. Make the most of your interview.